Children's Dentistry in Corona

Brightman Dental is a trusted children's dentistry practice serving residents of Corona and its surrounding communities. When you trust our compassionate team with your little one's oral health, you get decades of experience and an exceptionally caring staff. Our passion is helping your children achieve a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Dr. Peter S. Brightman welcomes patients as young as age three. Our pediatric dentistry services focus on excellent dental care and disease prevention in young patients. We are proud to have a team of in-house professionals that allows us to provide comprehensive dental services to your child. If you're looking for gentle and reliable children's dentistry in Corona, contact us today to schedule your appointment!


What Your Child Should Expect During Their Visit

When you schedule your child's first visit with Brightman Dental, our friendly dentist will meet with you and your child to help them feel comfortable. We will take them on a tour of our office, show them the different types of dental tools we use, and explain to them what our procedure will be like in a fun and age-appropriate way. Our team is delighted to answer any questions that you or your kid may have and provide helpful information. Our goal is to ensure your little ones feel valued and cared for.

Once your child is calm and comfortable, we will begin to examine their teeth. Our dentist will continue to communicate clearly with your child every step of the way and, if necessary, will stop or slow down when your child is showing any signs of fear or anxiety. Our dentist is trained to be gentle and reassuring to each child that comes into our office. After evaluating their teeth, we will recommend the most effective ways to keep them healthy.

Our Comprehensive Dental Treatment for Children

Our goal is to help you and your children maintain smiles that are healthy and strong from the time that they are little through adolescence and adulthood. Our pediatric dentistry office is committed to helping your child have a healthy smile. Our pediatric dentistry services include but are not limited to the following:

Oral Hygiene Education – Our dentist helps parents and children better understand why it's critical to regularly brush and floss their teeth. We also provide tips for making good food choices.

Preventative Care – Our dentist helps your child avoid the need for extensive dental procedures by recommending treatments that address issues early so that they don't develop into complex problems.

Positive Dental Experiences – Our dental team strives to create an atmosphere where children feel comfortable and safe. By preventing children from being afraid of the dentist, they will be able to continue to confidently seek dental care even into adulthood.

Dental Restorations – Our office is equipped to help you if your child's teeth become decayed and need a crown or filling to protect their teeth. These restorations help to stop the spread of decay and preserve the natural tooth structure as much as possible. Our practice offers white fillings and dental crowns made from stainless steel.

Brightman Dental is committed to quality children's dental care in Corona. Our friendly team can help maintain your kids' oral health and keep their smiles beautiful and strong. If your little one has anxiety about their dental visits, we offer nitrous oxide sedation for kids when needed to ensure a comfortable dental visit.

How To Maintain Your Child's Smile

Our team wants to see that your child's teeth are strong and healthy for as long as possible. By doing simple things at home that will help maintain your child's oral health and prevent the build-up of bacteria around their teeth, you can help them maintain their optimal oral health. Our team will teach your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth, helping them have a strong sense of good oral hygiene habits all through their life.

Convenient One-Stop Pediatric Dentistry in Corona

Brightman Dental provides a convenient option for patients whether your child needs basic or advanced dental care. Our team provides gentle dental care and treatments for children and teens. If your young one requires orthodontics, we have an orthodontist on staff to expertly place and remove braces. Our goal is to ensure you and your child can enjoy all necessary services in one location. Our dental specialists, hygienists, and children's dentists always strive to create a convenient dental practice in Corona for all your needs. Get in touch with us today for an appointment!


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