Reliable Dental Implants in Corona

If you have one or multiple missing teeth, then you know how it limits the foods you can enjoy, the way you enunciate words, and even when and how you smile. At Brightman Dental, we offer dental implants that look and feel natural to restore the integrity of your bite and the beauty of your smile.

We are proud to serve the residents of Corona, Norco, Riverside, and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will treat you with the genuine respect and compassion you deserve, regardless of how many teeth you've lost. We take a conservative approach to dental care to protect as much of your natural smile as we can while also promoting your long-term health goals.

Our friendly team is excited to meet you and restore your ability to eat, speak, and smile with ease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a dental restoration that replaces missing teeth. What sets dental implants apart from traditional restorations is that they replace the entire tooth from root to crown. Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures consist of an implant post, an abutment, and a crown.

Dental implants are increasingly popular because they are more secure than other optionsp. The implant post fuses with your jaw to provide a stable base for your restoration. The post also provides the vital function that a natural tooth root would and stimulates your jaw, which prevents bone loss and preserves your facial muscles and structure.

Implant-Supported Crowns: Our implant-supported crowns can restore any missing tooth, from molars to incisors. We carefully craft your dental implant to match the size, shape, and color of the missing tooth to renew your bite, keep your neighboring teeth from shifting out of place, and blend beautifully with your smile.

Implant-Supported Bridges: When you are missing multiple teeth in a row, you have to change what you eat and where you chew, which creates uneven wear on your teeth. Our implant-supported bridges are customized to replace multiple missing teeth to restore the integrity of your bite and the beauty of your smile. These restorations consist of a dental implant on either side of the bridge supporting a pair of crowns, with one or more prosthetic teeth, called pontics, suspended between them. Our dental bridges are made to blend seamlessly with your remaining teeth so no one can tell your restoration apart from your natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures: We offer an array of dentures to fit you and your unique needs. Between Full fixed screwed in dentures, which functions like natural teeth, or snap in denture to stabilize, we can provide you with the best solution. Our dental practice offers partial and full dentures, including single tooth. Implant-supported dentures will renew your ability to enjoy a wide variety of foods, speak clearly, and smile confidently. Especially with All on 4, we artfully match your dentures to any remaining healthy teeth to rejuvenate your smile and overall oral health.

Our Tooth Implant Process

We believe that effective dental care encompasses quality services as well as your peace of mind. That is why we combine decades of experience with great treatments and a gentle chairside manner to help you enjoy a positive experience every time you visit our dental practice.

Our dental implant process begins with a gentle and thorough exam of your teeth, jaws, and gums. We use modern technology like our panoramic x-rays and CBCT scanner to gather precise images and measurements to create your treatment plan. Our friendly dentist will discuss our findings with you to determine which implant-supported option is right for you.

We craft a treatment plan that is tailored to you and your unique needs. If we discover any underlying oral health issues, then we will include the necessary pretreatments in your plan. These pretreatments may include extractions, bone grafts, or sinus lifts.

Once any pretreatments are completed, we will place the implant post. This titanium post is surgically anchored in your jaw, and then you will take time to heal and allow the post to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This provides a strong base for your restoration and continues to stimulate your jaw, just like your natural tooth root. Our dental office offers nitrous oxide or oral sedation options to maximize your comfort during the procedure.

When you are fully healed, you will return to our office, and we will place your custom implant-supported restoration. We will check the fit and ensure that it feels secure and comfortable. Then you will leave our dental practice ready to show off your new smile.

Pretreatment Options for Dental Implants

You may sometimes need a pretreatment to prepare and protect your smile for your dental implants. We perform gentle extractions to address damaged or decayed teeth and make room for your implant-supported restoration.

Our practice works with a periodontist who visits our office to perform bone grafts or sinus lifts which strengthen or improve the dentistry of your jawbone by adding material to a thin or brittle jaw. This procedure provides the healthy base an implant post requires to function properly.

Beautiful Full Mouth Dental Implants in Corona

Missing teeth doesn't mean you have to keep missing out on your favorite foods and sharing your smile. At Brightman Dental, we offer dental implants that allow you to chew, speak, and smile confidently. Our implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures look and feel natural and are easy to care for. We are excited to meet you and restore your smile and oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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